To Help The Intellectually And Differently Abled People (Pranaam)

Pranaam, is directed towards serving the intellectually and differently abled people and create a better environment for them by providing them aid, cooperation and support required by them.

Objective Post

  • To Help The Intellectually And Differently Abled People (Pranaam)
    Pranaam is an honest effort from Shubh Aarambh which is directed towards serving...
  • To Improve Education And Hygiene in Society (Shiksha)
    Shiksha, a programme designed to provide 'education to all'. Under this initiative Shubh-arambh launched project ,..
  • To Help Elder People (Swabhimaan)
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  • To Create Better Disaster Management (Prayaas)
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  • Fulfill A Wish (Genie)
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  • Shelter Home (Basera)
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  • Clothing - Zaroorat
    Zaroorat, as the name says, aims at fulfilling the basic needs of an individual, which includes clothing and nourishment.
  • Medical - Ahsaas
    Where, Ehsaas is a programme designed to provide primary medical aid to the underprivilidged and abandoned people.