A happy, healthy and creative child, Young, Women, Adult, Old whose rights are protected and honored in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equity for all.

Medical - Ahsaas

Ahsaas is an honest and humble effort from Shubh Arambh to create the much needed hope for the needy to have medical assistance. The primary objective of this effort is to provide medicine and medical related help to the sick and abandoned people and take care of them, wholeheartedly and completely.

Objective Post

  • To Help The Intellectually And Differently Abled People (Pranaam)
    Pranaam is an honest effort from Shubh Aarambh which is directed towards serving the intellectually and differently abled people and create a better environment for them which elevates their standard of living and position in the society.
  • To Improve Education And Hygiene in Society (Shiksha)
    Shiksha is a special effort from Shubh Aarambh that is created to help towards improvement of school facilities and create a special mark on providing the students with pure drinking water and most importantly educate the children to inculcate good hygiene habits, train teachers, and organize educational events for children.
  • To Help Elder People (Swabhimaan)
    Swabhimaan is a mission to help old people and senior citizens gain better control of their lives, even in the twilight of their lives. With an aim to provide the right medications and improve their quality of living, Swabhimaan is looking forward to operate and support Dispensaries, Hospitals, Health Clinics & organize Health Camps for the elderly people.
  • To Create Better Disaster Management (Prayaas)
    The Mission of Prayaas is to provide humanitarian assistance in the time of a Natural Calamity and minimize the pain for affected people in disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, torrential rains and floods.
  • Fulfill A Wish (Genie)
    Keeping in mind a great desire to enable a bit of happiness in everybody’s lives, the objective of Genie is to magically fulfill wishes of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.
  • Women Empowerment (Shakti)
    The primary aim of Shakti is to elevate the quality of life and self reliance in women by providing them training in self reliant activities such as stitching, sewing, embroidery, beauty culture and encourage business acumen in the women community.
  • Shelter Home (Basera)
    Basera is an honest and humble effort to create the much needed hope to have shelter for the needy people. The objective of this effort is to provide shelter to the sick and abandoned people and take care of them, till the time the person is comfortable and is able to perform activities of daily living independently.